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Neurogami’s current album is Maximum R&D.

It is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

Neurogami makes dance noise.

Neurogami merges hash-desert ambient with broken post-modern disco.

An avant-garage project of James Britt, Neurogami explores the intersection of rhythm and noise.

With influences ranging from Steve Reich to Jah Wobble, Kruatrock to Congotronics, the album gives you a serious dose of 4/4 entropy.

Crafted in Arizona’s Sonoran desert, informed by New York’s downtown cacophony, each track on Maximum R&D spins and sparks with postrock minimalism and modern-dance energy.

Maximum R&D was composed and created using Renoise, an outstanding, powerful DAW/tracker.

Live bass guitar is sampled then sliced and diced, mixed up with synthetic percussion. Toss in some treated electric guitar for a layer of hypnotizing shimmer over the feet-moving hooks and you have the dance-noise sound of Neurogami.

You can watch Neurogami videos on Vimeo and YouTube.

You can follow Neurogami on G+, Twitter, Ello, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook


Neurogami is a long-time contributer to open-source software. Numerous projects are available on the Neurogami GitHub page.

Notable projects are assorted Renoise tools; LeapMotion P5, a Processing library for using the Leap Motion controller; osc-scripter, a comandline tool for automating interaction using Open Sound Control..

Some Neurogami Images

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James Britt

Animated Neurogami logo

Animated Neurogami logo

James Britt playing vibrator guitar at CBGB 1979

Neurogami MaximumR&D

Neurogami MaximumR&D (rubber stamp version)

Neurogami MaximumR&D banner

Neurogami Noise

Neurogami MaximumR&D tracks