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WiiUseJRuby example app

An example Monkeybars program has been added to the WiUseJRuby repo.

It’s pretty simple, initially written just to see if code still worked.

All associated jars and other binaries got swept into the commit. If you are on Ubuntu you should probably be able to just build and run the example project.

On OSX it might work but maybe not; that wasn’t tested.

Much effort was made to get it running on 64-bit Windows 7 but issues with the Bluetooth stack produced a river of tears.

The main point of the example is to show how to add “Wiimotable” behavior to a class (e.g. a Monkeybars controller) and then use an event mappings hash to connect Wiimote events to application code.

Note that there is another Wiimote Java library, WiiRemoteJ, that may be better. This is a JRuby wrapper library for that as well, WiiRemoteJRuby.

The downside to WiiRemoteJ is that it is closed-source. But it seems to offer a few things that are not present in WiiUseJ.

A WiRemoteJRuby example will be available fairly soon.


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