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rnsgit: Command-line tool to help version Renoise songs with git

rnsgit is a Ruby command-line program to assist in using Renoise song files with git.

A Renoise song file is a zip file holding all the stuff. The stuff is a mix of text (notable Song.xml) and binary data (i.e. samples).

If you try using git with the xrns file itself git ends up making a copy of that file each time you commit a change.

It would be better to track the unzipped contents. To do that you would need to manually extract those files each time you wanted to record a change. If you decided to change branches or roll back to an earlier version you would have to manually rezip them to get the proper xrns file.

You can do all this by hand, but it’s tedious.

`rnsgit` was created to help. It’s basically a wrapper around calls to `git` and `7z`. You must have both those programs installed to use `rnsgit`.

The code is early. It seems to work. Please see the README for details on usage.


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