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New Renoise tool - New from Template

A new Renoise tool has been released: “New from Template”

You can down load it from the Neurogami code page and get the source code here.

How it works

You need to first set up a directory on your computer to hold template songs. These are just regular Renoise song files; you would create however many you like such that each comes setup in a particular way (tracks named, device chains added, instruments loaded, colors in place, whatever).

On first use of the tool you need to use the “Configuration” menu item to set two values: The complete path to the directory holding these template songs, and the complete path to the directory where new songs should go.

You can then use the “New from Template” menu item to create a new song. You will be shown a drop-down list of the files in your templates folder, so be sure you give your template song files meaningful descriptive names.

You select one of these template files, and provide a new for the new song file. You can omit the .xrns extension, as the tool will add it if it is missing.

The tool then makes a copy of the selected template file, using the given file name.

If a file of that nae already exists you should be prompted to either overwrite that existing file or to cancel the process.

Once a new song file is created it is loaded into Renoise. If you have unsaved changes in the currently loaded song you should be prompted to save the file first before the new song is loaded.


The tool has been casually tested on OSX, Windows, and Ubuntu and has worked as expected. However, it is possible that one or another edge case will break it. You should probably save whatever file you have currently loaded before using the tool until you are satisfied that it will not lose any of your work.


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