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New Renoise tool - Loop Composer

Time for yet another Renoise tool: Loop Composer.

Here’s how it works:

You use plain text to define a composition.

A composition is a sequence of pattern loops, the number of times the loop should run, and an optional name of a function to invoke once that loop count is reached.

For example:

    5 5 1 rand_looping
    0 2 2
    5 6 1 
    3 4 2 rand_jump
    # Lines that start with that hash-thing are comments

Pretty simple.

Compositions are save to a file based on the file name of the current song; what was last edited is what gets reloaded when you go back to the composition editor.

There are a few helper functions defined to liven things up. See the README for details.

Download a package version from the Neurogami software page.

This is an early release. It works, but it might flip on edge cases.

The code uses a Renoise timer function to check current song location every quarter second. If you have a fast BPM and short patterns it might miscalculate what loop is currently running.

Experiment and see if it works as you expect.


It was suggested that you could use Configgy. to augment the available helper files.

On reflection this is not so. Configgy is very handy for executing specific tasks (like assigning MIDI details) but since each tool runs separately nothing defined by Configgy will be available to LoopComposer.

A possible addition to LoopComposer then might be to add a similar code-loading feature.

This is another Renoise tool that will load a custom Lua file based on the song name as defined in the song comment fields.

You should be able to use this to create helper functions applicable to specific songs.


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