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New demo apps for LeapMotionP5

There are new example sketches included with the LeapMotionP5 Processing library.

First, there is a simple Finger painting example.

This will draw to the screen when the user pinches their fingers. The paint color is based on the Z value of the hand location; moving your hand in or out from the Leap will shift the color along the spectrum. An open-hand sweep up and down clears the screen.

Second, there are two OSC sketches.

The first one, SimpleOSC , sends X/Y data when the user pinches their fingers. An open-hand sweep will rotate the current “mode”. Each mode tells the sketch to use different OSC messages. In this example that means sending messages to different tracks in Renoise song to alter device chain values. A demo Renoise xrns file is included.

The second OSC sketch is cleverly named OSCDemo2.

This is includes a more developed xrns file, the track Faceless from the Neurogami album Maximum R&D.

It, too, uses pinching to trigger OSC messages to Renoise. It also allows you to toggle muting on tracks using a combination of extended fingers and the spacebar key.

There are differences in how the tow OSC sketches are structured. SimpleOSC uses polling of the Leap Motion listener in the draw loop.

OSCDemo2 uses callbacks from the listener to trigger actions.

Both of the OSC demos allow you define the OSC messages as template strings in a config file.

None of this is properly documented. :(

That is forthcoming.


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