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Neurogami is busy doing a video for the song TR3 (a work in progress).

The song has been created using Renoise, a powerful DAW/tracker. The visuals are being working on using Processing to load and manipulate some glitched photographs and drawn animations.

Timing video changes to the music can be tricky. Luckily, Processing can be made to listen for MIDI messages, and Renoise can send MIDI messages. This means that the TR3 Renoise piece can use tracks dedicated to sending MIDI messages to a Processing sketch to trigger events.

While working out what these events should be and what MIDI should be sent it can get tedious to have to keep playing a track, stopping and starting and adjusting. What would be handy is a way to send arbitrary MIDI notes. Hence midi-repl.

midi-repl is a command-line tool, written in Ruby, for sending MIDI messages. At the moment it is limited to note on and note off (since that solves the immediate problem).

It requires that you have a configuration file but that is likely to be made optional since nothing in that file is mandatory.

In this config file you can define a device number to automatically use and some MIDI messages to be preloaded into the REPL’s history.

Once running you can enter MIDI messages and send them, or use the arrow keys to recall previous messages. You can resend these previous messages or edit them and then resend.

Messages are two or three integers. The first number is the channel. The second is the note value. The third is an optional velocity.

Three integers is treated as note on. If you omit the velocity value the messages is treated as note off.

It’s pretty basic but very handy.