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Just the Best Parts

Just the Best Parts is a publishing (ad)venture started to create technical material for non-technical people.

There are several works in progress: Kinect Hacking for Artists, Open Sound Control for Artists, and The Web for Artists.

The goal is to cover the key concepts and details, omit the padding found in too many techie books, and do so in a way that helps artists, musicians, and in general help non-geeky but creative people make better use of modern tools.

They’re each in various stages of completion, and currently freely available on the Web site.

At some point there will be PDF, ePub, and mobi versions for sale. The current plan is to have the OSC book free in all formats.

The site is set up to allow readers to leave comments on each paragraph, as a well as for the whole page. The idea is to get reader feedback while the works are under development.

There are some screencasts in the works as part of the books as well.

Please take a look. You can stay abreast of content updates by subscribing to a newsletter (see the site for details) or following the Twitter account @justthebestpart