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Intel Edison - an SD-card sized PC for wearable computing

Here in the Neurogami laboratory we’re always keeping an eye out for interesting tools and technologies.

Seems Intel has been up to some cool stuff, as PC Pro UK reports:

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has revealed the company’s vision for wearable computing – and at its core is an SD-card sized PC called Edison.

Edison is based on Quark technology, the tiny, low-power system-on-a-chip that was designed for wearable computers, such as smart watches, and the Internet of Things.

Here’s the kicker:

“It’s a full Pentium-class PC in the form factor of an SD card,” Krzanich said.

It not only supports multiple OSes and has built-in support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but it also has its own app store – and has Wolfram Alpha’s Mathematica baked in by default.

Check out that link to see just how small this thing is. Before too long we’ll have a full-PC neuro device.

There are a few things that make this exciting. Size, of course, followed by the processing power. But combining these with a device that can run various operating systems what’s most impressive.

This makes available a much greater range of development tools and programming languages, opening up wearable computing and an Internet of things to many more people.

It will be interesting to see the marketing that goes with this, but I’m confident artists and musicians will be quick to jump on it for their own purposes.

That’s certainly the plan at Neurogami.

Hat-tip to Adafruit