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Freescale wearable Arduino

More wearable news. Freescale launches $149 Android wearables platform

So, $149. A LilyPad costs $21. A FLORA costs $25.

There a few of these here at the ever-busy Neurogami lab. So what’s with a wearable that costs six times as much as these?

At CES 2014, Freescale announced hardware called Warp (Wearables Reference Platform) that designers can use to get started with wearable computing devices. It should ship in the second quarter

If you check out the official press release you find this:

The wearables reference platform kit includes the main board, a daughter card, an LCD display battery and a micro USB cable. Availability is planned for Q2 2014 at, for $149 (USD) manufacturer’s suggested resale price.

Not sure what an “LCD display battery” is; might be missing a comma there.

More spec stuff:

WaRP speeds and simplifies development by addressing many of the top technology challenges of the wearables market – connectivity, usability, battery life and miniaturization – thereby freeing developers to focus on creating differentiated features. The platform is built on Freescale’s i.MX 6SoloLite ARM® Cortex®-A9 apps processor as the core processing unit, supports the Android OS, and integrates production-grade silicon, software and hardware. The BOM-optimized hybrid architecture also features Freescale’s Xtrinsic MMA9553 turn-key pedometer, award-winning FXOS8700 electronic compass and ARM Cortex-M0+ Kinetis KL16 microcontroller.

Can’t wait.


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